We're Open Late, and We've Got Vegan Burgers!

There’s been the distinct sound of paradise permeating through the evenings of Kensal Rise of late, and we’re totally taking the credit for it… Because, you lovely lot, our night café is officially open!

And our premise is simple – good food and good vibes. We’ve got five tasty vegan burgers to choose from, and a delectable range of sides including sweet potato baked chips, pan fried plantain and crispy fried Chick-P dippers.

Our bestselling Paradise Burger contains a plantain and jackfruit patty, served with cashew cheese, chilli sauce and a ring of grilled pineapple, all wrapped up in a breadfruit bun. We roast our breadfruit before slicing it into ‘bun’ shapes that make the perfect accompaniment to jackfruit (they’re kind of almost-cousins anyway). Roasted breadfruit tastes a lot like roast potatoes and makes a surprisingly good bread replacement. You can also swap the sourdough buns on our other burgers for a breadfruit bun because y’know, paradise isn’t about strict rules 😊 We’ve got a Portobello mushroom bun option too.

As for our other burgers, Good Vibes is our tasty raw option, Nice Guys pairs quinoa and aubergine, Bean There, Done That features, you guessed it, beans, as its star ingredient and The Rise is for all our mushroom fans.

Bean There, Done That + Portobello "bun"

Bean There, Done That + Portobello "bun"

We’ve also got a range of vegan beers, ciders and wines, and a whole fridge full of the raw cakes that started Paradise Unbakery. Or if homemade vegan cookies and brownies are your sweet-treat go-to, then we’ve got you covered. We serve ours with a generous dollop of cashew-based ice cream.

As for the good vibes, well, words can’t describe those, so you’ll just have to pop by, soak up some of our tunes as you fill up on paradise goodness, and experience them first hand!

And for all of you Uber Eats and Deliveroo lovers, our whole night café menu is on both of those, too. As much as we prefer to get to know your lovely faces in our café, we get that the lure of a vegan burger or two, delivered to your doorstep is sometimes too enticing to ignore. Especially in the long cold nights of February. So don’t worry, if this is you, we’ll save our cosy benches and al fresco veranda for when you feel like venturing out of hibernation in the Spring.

***Our 'by Night' pop up has come to an end, for now.**

Egle Adomelyte